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Concealed Carry

Submitted by Mark Shean Sr. author of GUN SENSE, now on Amazon.

To the Editor: Stalin once said, “The masses do not chose their leaders, the ballot counters do“. I believe he would have been proud of the Democrats effort in Florida. Socialists found when they fielded a candidate under the socialist banner that they would inevitably lose in this country. Now they operate under the guise of liberal Democrats instead. Their philosophy is to use any means necessary to achieve the desired outcome, at any cost. Truth will always be the first causality.

We were given a glimpse of that philosophy in action last week when a concerted effort was made to discount the overseas military ballots of the men and women who put their lives on the line defending our freedoms. The Democrats manufatured specific guidelines to carry out this despicable act because they believed most of those votes would be cast for Mr. Bush. The liberal Democrats made no effort to discount overseas Israeli ‘duel citizen’ ballots, because they felt most of these would be cast for Mr. Gore. On 11-25 like manna from Heaven, an additional 500 Israeli ballots miraculously turned up, I will bet they are all counted,(twice) don’t you?

We were given another glimpse of their philosophy when Senator Liberman made a fool of himself and his party by saying Republicans who were demonstrating did a disservice to our Democracy! In case you did not know Senator Liberman, Democracy supports your right under the First Amendment to demonstrate, just ask your pal Jesse Jackson. Shouldn’t a Senator know just a little bit about the Constitution?

It will now be up to the U.S. Supreme Court to research the liberal Florida Supreme courts arbitrary decision to usurp law written by the Florida Legislature. The Florida Supreme court overstepped its scope of power by rewriting and then implementing election laws after an election, then making them retroactive. This should point out to everyone the arrogance of these under qualified, Clinton appointed, political hacks. This arrogance must be dealt with decisively if we are to avoid the chance of a very real Constitutional crisis.

The last eight years have seen our Constitution under constant attack. Clintons legacy will have been to openly and unashamedly undermine the rule of law. Of course it will not all be Clintons fault. Our Congress has lowered the bar of all that is honest and decent and expected of a President by dropping the ball in the impeachment process. Congress failed to show us that politicians are not above the very laws we must obey. The reason, that would have sent their entire house of cards crumbling! Every single “representative” sent from Massachussetts to Washington was guilty of this. Not something for us to be very proud of.

To all you Democrats that think counting the dimpled ballots in direct violation of Florida state law is an acceptable way to win, Stalin would have been proud of you. It would seem by all indications in Florida that Mr. Gore and his legion of lawyer hacks have learned well the lessons of Clinton, and who knows, Stalin as well. We may be witnessing the last gasps of our Republic, or we may witness its resurgence. We are all living in a time of important history in the making. The U.S. Supreme Court must pick the ball back up and then slam dunk it by saying enough is enough!

Mark Shean  written 11-26-2000

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