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Concealed Carry

   To the Editor: On 1-20-2000 Judge John C. Cratsley, quietly gave the Attorney General of Massachusetts powers to regulate the gun industry under the guise of “consumer protection”,  so the A.G. may unilaterally strip us of  our gun rights. On 4-3-2000 it went into effect with media fanfare!

    I could only hope this is the only politically dysfunctional state in the Union, (sadly there are 11 more). I have to wonder what goes through the minds of politicians bent on legislating our freedoms away? Doe’s it ever cross their minds that scores of Americans have died for their right to live free? That the Constitution has been and is being paid for in blood, do they know this?

    My father died from wounds received during W.W.II, a brother was disabled from wounds received in Vietnam. They and scores of military personnel like them did not fight here and abroad to preserve our freedoms just so some ’empty suit’ domestic politicians could take our rights away simply because these rights impede their agenda! Our armed forces did not sacrifice in vain, in all the bloody wars and “conflicts” of this nation, so that one pompous judge, (crafty Cratsley) could grant any Attorney General the power to ride roughshod over the entire legislative branch, a branch that was duly voted into office by the people to make laws. Where now are the checks and balances? Where is the legislature saying ‘enough‘?

    The A.G. Thomas Reilly is not suppose to be a law making body unto himself, accountable to no one. Law made without representation is the same as taxation without representation. There are two elitist groups whose agenda A.G. Reilly subscribes to, Stop Handgun Violence and Handgun Control Inc.. They represent intentions that are detrimental to our Constitution and consequently our overall freedoms. Who are these people that believe their title entitles them to circumvent, through deceit, the Second Amendment?

    Let us pause for a word from a framer of the Constitution, and one of our greatest Founding Fathers: { That all power is vested in, and consequently derived from the people; that magistrates are our trustees and servants, and at all times amenable to them.}GEORGE MASON-

    Who does A.G. Thomas Reilly think he is to place discriminatory and racial measures on gun ownership?! Discriminatory and racial because he knowingly prices honest, low income people from all backgrounds out of the gun market. It is an A.G. Reilly, Stop Handgun Violence, and Handgun Control Incorporated scheme to keep honest people of limited means from their right to self defense. They would make it impossible for the people of the inner cities, where the highest crime is shown to be, to afford a firearm to defend their families from criminal intruders. The Founding Fathers would view A.G. Reilly as the criminal intruder, intruding into your right to self defense, and ultimately your right to freedom!

    In the military, a soldier is not obligated to follow what he knows to be an unlawful order, in fact it is his duty to reject it and to report it. Parallel to this, citizens of these United States are under no obligation to obey bogus unconstitutional laws aimed at taking away their freedoms. I for one do not remember voting to give Thomas Reilly dictatorial powers…DO YOU? The People are protected under the Constitution to keep and bear arms. The ‘militia’ refered to in the Second Amendment was every able bodied man from 16 to 60 capable of bearing arms, they were citizens, not conscripted soldiers.

   One of our Founding Fathers stated: { I ask, who are the militia? They consist now of the whole people.}George Mason

    In every application where the “people” is used in the Bill of Rights, no one seems to misconstrue the meaning. Only in the Second Amendment is there a feigned misconception by those trying to disarm the public, to bring our great experiment called a Republic to a close. Let us honor all who have died defending this nation, through all its wars and “conflicts”, they sacrificed to preserve liberties they themselves did not long enjoy.

   Call your public servants, ask them, no, tell them to take away A.G. Thomas Reilly’s unprecedented dictatorial powers, now!  Will you allow any of your rights, and future generations rights to end without so much as a whimper? In the spirit of the Founding Fathers I hope not!

         “When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty”. –THOMAS JEFFERSON-

Mark Shean  written 4-5-2000

One Response to “Ma. Attorney General overstepping authority”

  • Mom to two says:

    I got your invite Mark. Looking forward to reading all of your posts. Let us not forget the meaning of Patriots Day (April 18, 1775) and that our forefathers fought and died for their right to bear arms. When the redcoats were coming to try to forcibly remove those weapons from the people, they fought back. We need to fight back now, first by voting out the fools who think it their duty or right to remove the second amendment rights from us. Keep spreading the word!! Amy NOTE: Thanks for the encouragement, I will Amy. 😉 MS

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