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Concealed Carry

   To the Editor: If anyone knows a little bit about American history they would probably have heard the phrase ‘taxation without representation’, this is one of the main reasons the early colonists were to rise up and eventually drive the British from these shores.

   Fast forward to present day. Now we have elected officials that we loosely call ‘representatives’. These ‘representatives’ here in Massachusetts know all about taxation without representation from our early history, and they have adopted a ‘stealth’ word so as not to be accused of the same crime the British were ousted for. That word is FEE, whenever our ‘representatives’ want their hands on our wallets without our consent, you can be sure that you will hear the word FEE. A FEE is a backdoor tax designed to skirt around the consent of the People, so, it becomes no less than taxation without representation. This has caught on like wildfire all across the state in every town and city. Proposition 2 1/2 is effectively voided by the FEE blitz. But, The People keep rewarding bad behavior by re-electing these phony ‘representatives’ and hoping for different results, when in actuallity they should all be booted out for new blood. Our ‘representatives’ in this state have never met a tax, or schemed up a FEE that they did not like. This is what happens when one party runs a state, or the country with a majority, and when the People do not take the time in their busy lives to PAY ATTENTION.

   These ‘representatives’, when elected, all have to go through an uncomfortable yet necessary little formality, it is really quite an awkward affair for most of them, but something that is, after all, a requirement, and has been since real men like George Washington first stepped into public office. They must place their hand on the Bible, (shudder) raise their right hand and swear a solemn oath,(shudder) to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States, (shudder, shudder) and when they lower their right hand they are relieved that this silly little formality is over. Most of them do not have a clue as to what is to be expected of them after taking this solemn oath, that is quite evident by their actions once in office. Look at our Governor for example, he is putting an appropriation bill before your ‘representatives’ soon that will raise the FEE on your right to self defense from $100 to $200 for gun permits for law abiding citizens, (criminals may carry free of charge).

   When Romney was Governor, he, with the help of our ‘representatives’ raised that same FEE from $25 to $100, a 300% increase! Now, if YOU allow the Governor to raise it again with his new improved FEE of $200 that will be a total increase of 700% since Romney ‘represented’ the People. These ‘representatives’ have an agenda, they are trying to price you out of your Constitutional right to self defense! Gee, that does not sound like they are defending and upholding the Constitution to me, how about you?

   We the People have the power, we have incredible power that can stop these ‘representatives’ cold in their tracks from their attacks on our Constitutional rights. We should never even need to pay for our right to self defense, (another argument, another day). For now, roll it back to the $25 it used to be to cover the cost of of processing permits, when your local police station used to do it. This was before a big white elephant was created in Boston to do it, which has only made government red tape more tangled, and your permits slower in coming! A background check to make sure we are good citizens, sure, pay through the nose, NO!

   The people who now are most certainly hurt by these high FEES are in the low income bracket, these people are no less American citizens, they have the same Constitutional rights as the rest of us. The Governor and the rest of our ‘representatives’ have not been given a mandate to take away anyones right to self defense through a scheme of FEES! And I am quite certain that the solemn oath they were required to take did not give them that mandate. Call your ‘representatives’, dont ask them, (they work for you) tell them not to raise this FEE! Roll it back! Call your ‘representatives’, they are beholden to do your bidding, you keep putting them in office, and they need to be reminded. The number at the State House is, 617-727-3676  

Mark Shean written 7-17-2008

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